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Where to get Augmented Reality Apps & How Much do they Cost?

Augmented Reality is becoming just as popular as its virtual counterpart. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality as it combines elements of virtual reality together with visuals from our real world. For example, Pokémon Go uses AR technology – we look at the real world through our smartphones, and virtual reality Pokémon monsters are placed in that real-world setting. Augmented Reality effectively enhances our own reality and provides us with some new and interesting interactions and experiences.

As augmented reality technology has developed, so have the number of apps that have been released for the general public to use. These apps come in many different forms such as the aforementioned Pokémon Go, Project Tango, and Real Strike. Project Tango, for example, allows you to fill rooms of your house or office with different objects such as furniture and decorations – you can visualize new styles and themes for your rooms with awesome AR detail. Alternatively, Real Strike is a fantastic FPS game that allows you to run through the streets and fight people in epic multiplayer combat.

So where can you download augmented reality apps from and how much do they cost? Read on below to find out!

Top places to get augmented reality apps

There are many different places that you can get augmented reality apps from. At the moment, augmented reality apps are mainly available for smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy and iPhones, and virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The following are four of the main ways you can get augmented reality apps:

Play Store – The Play store is the main source of apps and games for Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. This store is your one-stop shop for augmented reality games and apps that can be used with smartphone VR headsets.

Apple Store – The Apple Store is the iPhone equivalent to the Play Store and is what those who have Apple devices must use to download augmented reality and virtual reality apps and games. You must have an Apple ID to use the Apple store.

Headsets – Some headsets have built-in functionality to access various augmented reality and virtual reality games within the device itself. The Oculus Go, for example, is a headset that has over 1000 apps and games built into the device and users can access these simply by turning the headset on.

Steam – Steam is a platform where you can download PC games – millions of gamers are registered to Steam and use it to access the latest PC game released. You can, of course, download a variety of augmented reality apps through steam to be used with PC compatible headsets.

How much do augmented reality apps cost?

For the most part, augmented reality apps are generally free. Games such as Pokémon Go, for example, are free to download and use – the developers make money by offering in-game microtransaction purchases. Some apps also use in-app paid advertisements to make money. Only the real high quality and fully-fledged AR apps and games cost anything to use and the price is in line with standard PC and console game prices.

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