Dating Dos and Don’ts as a Single Man in Dubai

The wealthy emirate is home to young, single gentlemen and ladies trapped by conservative social mores. There are a lot of beautiful, single women with time and money to spend. However, sex outside marriage is illegal under the law of Islam, and kissing in the back seat of a taxi can lead to jail time. Can you meet and date women without flouting convention? Here is a quick guide to dating in Dubai.

It’s not hard to find women in Dubai at all. Hospitality and glamour are big business in the emirate. Everyone is dressed up and looking for a good time.

The city is sociable and certainly no place for wallflowers. It is normal and easy to strike up a conversation with someone. 85 percent of Dubai’s population is comprised of expatriates, which means most of the people here have gone through the process of going out to meet others. A closed circle is a rare thing with such a transient populace.

When you meet a woman you want to date, the classic invitation for a drink will work as it will almost anywhere in the world. However, alcohol is extremely expensive in Dubai, and you will drink in a sterile hotel setting. If you want to go cheaper, you could try a sports bar, but these places tend to be shabby, and you’re not likely to see the woman again.

You could take her home for a drink, but that comes off as a booty call, and, what’s more, you need a license for personal alcohol consumption.

So what are some other options? You could always go to the movies, but take a coat because the AC in movie theaters would make an Eskimo ask for heating. You might see the biggest fountain display in the world, go skiing at Ski Dubai indoor ski center, or mount Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, to admire the view. If culture is more your thing, see a show at the Baroque club The Act or visit an art exhibition in the city’s industrial district, Al Quoz.

When you pick her up, it’s a good idea to do so in your own car. It will make a nice impression. Plus, it’s no good waiting for a taxi in the heat.

Very few women in Dubai will offer to pay their share after dinner, so expect to pick up the tab.

On the note of intimacy – hugging and kissing is not only frowned upon but actually illegal in public, so save it for the privacy of your home.

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