Will Virtual Reality ruin Relationships and Sex

As it stands today, scads of people spend hours looking at pornography. While no one really knows exactly how many, it is safe to say that a large number of them are in relationships. Some of them very serious such as those who are married. For these people, viewing porno is already something that their mates take issue with. If you asked any of them how they feel about their partners looking at pornography, most would probably object. Whether it’s looking at nude pictures of others or hardcore porn videos, it doesn’t really matter. Truth is that for people who are in relationships, porn is already something which is divisive.

But what if the individuals looking at adult content, where doing so using virtual reality equipment? Would they feel more as if their partners were cheating than with regular porn? VR porn is completely different than normal porno. Those who view it tend to get a far greater ‘real’ experience than simply looking at a nude images. Or even watching a hardcore porn film. Virtual reality allows the person to feel as if they are actually there. In their minds and eyes, whatever they are watching is as close to reality as it can be. Since viewing VR porn lets viewers immerse themselves so well, is that a form of cheating? Will a person feel as though their partner is being unfaithful by looking at VR porn? As the use of VR grows each day, so will questions like these.

There are huge differences between viewing adult content the old way and through VR. Besides how real one may seem and feel, there’s how you view it. Checking out hardcore porn videos or something else on a laptop, tablet or Smartphone, can be done discretely. Even if someone walks in on you, a person can simply close the page, laptop or whatever they are using. But, that is not the case with VR porn since it requires special equipment. It is hard to discard virtual reality goggles if someone walks in on you. That means whoever is doing it, may have to be more careful about when, where and how they watch VR porn.

Still, the fact that virtual reality porn is so immersive is one of the problems it presents couples in relationships. Looking at porn through a virtual reality perspective is a lot more intense and absorbing than regular porn. While you have individuals who embrace porn viewing as a couple, others don’t approve of it. It’s for these people where the feeling of infidelity may be felt stronger. Unlike regular porn, VR pornography is recorded using 360 degrees. That creates an illusion of the viewer feeling as though he or she was actually there. Whatever kind of VR hardcore porn you are watching, will make the experience that much more real.

Being able to choose what kind of VR porn you can look at, is huge enough already. Feeling like you are there, changes things even more. For instance, a person who may be fantasizing about having sex with a babysitter, can look at VR porn from that genre. Numerous virtual reality hardcore porn films featuring hot babysitters are available. Same as those showing a sexy MILF woman with big tits. Even a luscious teen getting fucked in the ass. For a girl, it could be lesbians having sex with each other. Regardless of what the kind of VR porn you choose, the option is there. What ultimately matters most, is the total experience a person takes away from what they view.

Obtaining the illusion that you are part of whatever you are watching, is completely different. Yet that’s exactly what VR porn provides for those who view it. They can feel as if they are there with the actual performers in the porn movie. For anyone who may have already felt that their mate viewing porn could be construed as cheating, VR porn adds to that feeling tremendously. Additionally, there are also the interactive and decision alternatives which virtual reality pornography provides. Many of the virtual reality porn videos let a person make their own choices. That means they can decide what type of sex acts they want to see. They can also choose what the virtual reality characters perform. Not only with others, but with the viewer himself.

If all this wasn’t problematic enough, people who become addicted to VR porn, tend to ignore actual sex with their mates. That may lead to couples having less sex with each other. Clearly, virtual reality porn is changing the entire adult industry. It is also altering the way people see, feel and interact with the content. All of those things are great for people who enjoy porn. They will have options which are not available through regular porn viewing. However, for couples who are in a relationship, it could be an iissue. For them, it may constitute cheating. Ironically, they may see it as virtual reality unfaithfulness.